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ast cover final1 183x300 Whats New?A Sacred Trust Available Today!

Lexi Monroe, a renowned photographer, is haunted by her own sense of failed duty.  Her penance?  Help an old woman locate her illegally adopted granddaughter.  Lexi finds herself stalked by a feared enemy as she is drawn into the search. Chane Callahan seems the one man she can trust . . .  and he has secrets that could break her heart.

Bestselling author of Til Death, Sharon Sala, praised this book: “A Sacred Trust by Sharon Mignerey has everything a great romance needs…mystery, danger, and a love story between two amazing people – a single father who’ll risk whatever it takes to protect his family, and a heroine struggling to right an old wrong.  I loved this book.”

  • Winner of the Golden Heart Award from Romance Writers of America.
  • Winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award
  • Winner of the Keeper Award

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From the Ashes Re-released by Love Inspired Suspense

fromtheashes 20131 189x300 Whats New?Angela London seeks redemption for the harm she brought to her best friend and business partner.  She’s served her prison term and paid her debt to society, and she now devotes her life to training service dogs, a calling she found in prison.  Her skill wins her a celebrity client,  retired football player Brian Ramsey who is losing his sight and has old secrets that are about to be tabloid fodder.  Enemies have them both targeted that risks not only their lives but a love that promises to redeem them both.

Stories of redemption are among my favorite and are a recurring theme in my work.  This book is the sequel to Shadows of Truth.  Readers of that book may remember Rachel and Angela had been childhood friends and business partners.  Angela destroyed the business and their friendship.  In From the Ashes, Angela seeks to redeem herself for costly mistakes that are difficult to forgive.  I am so happy this book has a second chance in print.  The new cover is lovely, and Brian Ramsey, the hero, looks much as I had imagined he might.

This print title is available only through Harlequin, which you can find by clicking here.

If you’d like this title as an eBook, click here.

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