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library 300x220 About SharonSharon as author and editor.

Sharon Mignerey’s need for a website began with wanting to have a way to connect with readers long before social media became the way to connect.  So, she does not share about her life as a writer here – just enough to keep you apprised of new titles and projects as they come along.

If you’d like to connect with me on on Facebook, you can reach me at Sharon Mignerey, Author and Editor, where I talk exclusively about writing and editing.  If you’d like to connect with my personal page, you can reach me on Facebook at Sharon Mignerey, where I often share my views about what is happening in the world.

She admits to being surprised that she likes being an editor after spending five years teaching composition and rhetoric (remember that Composition 101 class that everyone in college must take before graduating?).  Editing was a natural evolution from there since she has been active with writing workshops and critique groups.  Sharon has worked with terrific editors, both in her life as a fiction writer and as a technical writer.  She feels fortunate to have been the beneficiary of good editorial insight. Her hope is to provide that same experience for those who seek out her services as an editor.  She finds editing as satisfying as writing and says that it accesses a whole different part of her creativity..

Sharon as teacher

plato library and soul 300x225 About SharonSomeone once told said, “Teach what you want to learn.”  That turned out to be such wise advice.  One way to know any topic better is to figure out what you need to know to teach someone else.  We’ve each had the experience of being with a teacher who inspires us, and we know how good it feels when we are able to provide that same experience to others.

  • Part of teaching comes through the workshops and online classes that Sharon teaches (most often at RMFW University, which is the online education arm of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers).
  • She also presents workshops, and her next on will be in Montrolse Colorado on August 19, 2017.  She will be presenting The Art and Craft of Great Conflict.

    The content of this workshop draws heavily upon Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass, Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain, and Writing Screenplays that Sell by Michael Hauge.  Inner and outer conflict are design tools a writer uses to make characters come alive within the pages of their story and organically do what they do because of their own desires and motivations rather than doing these same things like puppets on a writer’s string.

    For the time and location, go to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers — Free Programs, Western Slope.

Sharon  as spiritual seeker

Sharon says she has no fixed dogma that she is attached to, and she says that she is inspired by sages and teachers for many different traditions.  What matters to her is inclusiveness and respect.  She thinks:

kindness ingersoll 300x300 About Sharon

  • Kindness matters always.
  • Seek first to understand.
  • We humans – no matter where we live, how we worship (or don’t), who we love, or what we look like — are interconnected and interdependent in the same way that all parts of a tree are interconnected and interdependent – roots, sap, bark, blooms, fruit, leaves – and we each have our unique purpose within the whole thing.
  • Love is all there is – even though it may be hidden by masks of misunderstanding, pain, or anger.
  • Life is a circle of reciprocity that requires treating others the way we want to be treated.

If you want to know more about this aspect of Sharon’s life, visit the Muse Sings page.





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