A More Positive Outlook

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Creative people create creative solutions for everyday needs.






Finally! I’m back to a more positive outlook.

I believe that all things begin in mind. To illustrate –. Before any of us can move into a new home, it has to be built with the stuff of construction. Before a house can be built, it needs to be designed, which includes its plumbing systems, electrical systems, and so on. Before any of that can be envisioned, someone drew up blue prints. Before there were blue prints, someone created a drawing. Before there was a drawing, the house was an idea in someone’s mind. Ditto with all the systems in the house from a garage door opener to new plumbing technology that is light years away from galvanized pipe. There could be exceptions, but it seems like all of life works like that — form follows thought.

With regard to the Paris Accords and the subsequent reaction to 45’s announcement that the US would withdraw (outcry for many–including me– and cheering for a few), towns and companies everywhere are already so far along another path that moving back to whatever era it was that created the slogan “make America great again” won’t happen. Too many people have already had creative ideas that are in the midst of creating a new reality.

As individuals and then the critical mass of communities, people see the benefits of another path. As individuals, we do this on the small scale by putting LED bulbs in when the old incandescent or compact fluorescent burn out. We recycle. We set the air conditioner to be a degree warmer.

As individuals, we look at a need in our community and have creative ideas about how to address whatever may be our passion from creating community gardens to creating a small company that puts 5 people to work in our own small town.

As companies and communities, there is huge innovation going on. To use 45’s example, the citizens of Pittsburgh faced huge problems when the steel industry left that city. Creative people CREATED in mind and then in form a more diverse economy for that city, which has risen from the ashes of loss to something new.

To end with two points.

First, we are always at choice. When someone else has a divergent view that we know to be wrong, we don’t follow like lemmings off the edge of a cliff … we exercise our own good sense and free will to think and then act in ways that fit what we know to be right.

Second, since all things begin in mind (road test this — don’t take my word for it), we each get to contribute according to our own awareness, our own commitment, and our own talent — just as we have already been doing.

Look for the Good and praise it.

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