Musing and Intuition

Sometimes intuition urges us to follow the empirical evidence, and sometimes it comes as a whisper or a nudge that appears to defy all logic. Sometimes our musings feel more like daydreams that lead nowhere.  But is that really true.   Muse Sings is about all those nudges of intuition and Sharon’s life as a writer, teacher, and spiritual seeker–but especially about nurturing the muse.  Lately, there seems to have been more turmoil than ever in this complicated world, which makes finding an internal space of peace even more important.  Finding peace in the external world begins with nurturing it in the internal world.  This poem by Emmett Fox expresses much of what has lately been on Sharon’s mind.

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake;
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love enough you would be
The happiest and most powerful being in the world.

~Emmet Fox

Sharon’s Spiritual Service

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As above, so below.

After many years of study, Sharon became a licensed practitioner for The Centers for Spiritual Living, and she serves at the Creative Life Spiritual Center in Spring, Texas.  She sees the interconnections between her ministry as a practitioner and all other aspects of her life.

She was drawn to this teaching because of its respect for and recognition of the common “true north” principles taught in almost every religion — love your neighbor has yourself, cherish the interconnections of everything, treat others the way you want to be treated, honor your parents, and so on.  Another of the things she likes about being part of this organization is the “open at the top” approach to the teaching, which invites any principle taught to be taken out for a road test to see whether it works rather than accepting it because an admired or powerful dictates this is the way things work.

In her role as a Practitioner she has discovered that everyone needs a safe space in which to be heard without judgment — no easy task in today’s world where everything is labeled, divided, and judged.  Being of service in this way is rewarding because, as she says, “You cannot pray for the good another seeks without invoking it for yourself,” whether it is more abundant health, financial security, healed relationships, or peace of mind.  Sharon’s core beliefs come down to these:

  • Live in a state of gratitude even before the Good is evident in form.
  • Be kind always.
  • Seek first to understand before trying to be understood (a principle taught by Stephen Covey that she adopted many years ago).
  • Recognize that what goes around comes around, so give others that which you want for yourself.

Look for the Good and praise it.


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