Spring! The Doing Season

marthawashington geraniums 296x300 Spring!  The Doing SeasonIn additional to all the flowers bursting into bloom during spring, it’s also the season of extreme busy-ness.  For teachers are students, it’s the last push before the summer break, which includes projects and concerts.  For companies, it’s getting things done before the end of the second quarter when (horrors!), the year will be half over.  A common refrain is, “The more hurried I am, the more behind I am.”

There really is something to be said for stopping and taking in this moment without any attention on what comes next or what came before.  Stop doing … just for a moment … and be.  If you can, be still.

Take a moment to go outside and be in the sunshine for five or ten minutes.  Instead of thinking about all the things that require your attention, think about your breath.  Imagine it going into your lungs where the oxygen is picked up by the blood stream.  Imagine that single molecule of oxygen traveling through your blood stream as though it’s on an exciting rollercoaster ride clear down to the tips of your fingers.  Imagine the life-giving energy it is bringing to you.  Moreover, marvel at how all this happens without you thinking about it or controlling it.  And with another breath, imagine all the carbon dioxide leaving your body, again without you having to think about it.  That simple exchange is one we take for granted, and yet involves a complex set of tasks for the body that manages itself so elegantly.

This is one form of meditation – simply focusing on the breath.  When you do that, you give your mind a refreshing retreat that allows you to simply be.  Every once in a while, it’s good to do that.  Being … rather than doing …

Playtime:  I invite you to take a mini break.  Stop doing whatever you’re doing (even reading this article), put your hands in your lap, close your eyes, and take in a breath.  As you do, focus on the breath as it enters your body.  Let your attention follow the breath down to the bottom of your lungs.  Let it out, and do this again.  Do this for five minutes.  Then, get out of your chair and walk around for a moment.  When you come back to your task, you will feel fresher and calmer.

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